Learning the difference between store and salon brand products

jbevToday we are going to talk about the harsh difference between true salon products and products at retail stores. There is a huge misconception about the quality of products in our every day retail stores. Most products are not being authorized by the company before being sold at your local large retailer. Many studies and interviews have proven that the consumer is in a situation of “buyer beware” buys. This is also true for the price. You pay more for less of the product you think you are getting. Next time your out compare prices of your name brand products to your local salon and you will see you are over paying anywhere from $1.00- $3.00 over or more! We care too much for our clients not to educate them on what products they should be using. Your body needs products that are PH balanced and meantto repair your hair, not destroy and dry out your hair because it needs a 5 year shelf life. Using botanical ingredients with advanced science creates a product that leaves your hair in a beautiful state. Our J beverly hills products can achieve these results!

We want our clients to be educated and to know we care about their hair care needs. Providing you with a great service and great product to maintain your style is what our passion is!