Summer Hair: 3 Ways

summer-hair-720x720It’s officially summer in just a little bit! And the weather is acting according to season. Long, hot days that bleed into warm, humid nights. You’ll usually find me basking under my wide brimmed, floppy straw hat – a necessity for keeping the sun’s harmful rays off of my delicate face. But given the chance to find refuge under an awning or parasol (how I wish parasol’s were still trendy away from the polo field), I tend to turn to an updo as my summer style of choice. For one, updo’s – and I’m including pony’s and braids in this category – give your neck a chance to cool off. Secondly, there’s something very summer-sophisticated about wearing an updo as opposed to beachy waves. Sure, the beachy hair look will always be a summer staple, but it’s important to switch it up. You need a few day-to-night styles in your arsenal of hair ‘dos.

Celebrity hairstylist Josue Perez, who has worked with Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Sarah Jessica Parker, shares three of his favorite beach-chilling, BBQ-hopping summer hair styles. Take notes, these looks are easy to accomplish and may just come in handy for the holiday weekend (July 4th, that is).

The Deconstructed Braid
Inspiration: Whitney Port
“First, start by curling the hair for soft waves. Choose which side you’d like the braid to fall, and create a typical braid very very loosely. With a small tail comb, pull out pieces at random. This is where the look gets fun: you can texture it how you want. Pull out as many or as little pieces as you want for a slightly or more fully relaxed look. To keep the pulled out pieces in place, secure them on the side to keep the look intact.”

Woven Low Bun
Inspiration: Taylor Swift
“This look is all about smoothing the hair. Begin by blow drying really well for a smooth, silky feel. Start by teasing the top of the hair at the crown to add height. Next, choose your headband and secure into hair. Take the ends of the hair beginning at the bottom, and roll up, wrapping the hair underneath the headband. Use bobby pins to further secure the bun as needed.”

The Sectioned Twist Pony
Inspiration: Olivia Wilde
“The first step is to blow dry the hair, ensuring for a smooth finish. Pull into a sleek pony tail, taking a piece of hair to wrap around the tie to cover it. The next step is to curl the pieces of the pony tail using a wide barrel curling iron, I use the Brand Curling Iron on my clients for big, soft waves. Once finished, divide the pony tail into two sections and twist together. Section the hair by evenly placing hair ties on the ponytail like shown above. For volume, gently tug on the sections to pull hair slightly out.”

Learning the difference between store and salon brand products

jbevToday we are going to talk about the harsh difference between true salon products and products at retail stores. There is a huge misconception about the quality of products in our every day retail stores. Most products are not being authorized by the company before being sold at your local large retailer. Many studies and interviews have proven that the consumer is in a situation of “buyer beware” buys. This is also true for the price. You pay more for less of the product you think you are getting. Next time your out compare prices of your name brand products to your local salon and you will see you are over paying anywhere from $1.00- $3.00 over or more! We care too much for our clients not to educate them on what products they should be using. Your body needs products that are PH balanced and meantto repair your hair, not destroy and dry out your hair because it needs a 5 year shelf life. Using botanical ingredients with advanced science creates a product that leaves your hair in a beautiful state. Our J beverly hills products can achieve these results!

We want our clients to be educated and to know we care about their hair care needs. Providing you with a great service and great product to maintain your style is what our passion is!

What to Eat for Healthy Hair and Nails

No doubt you know that eating healthy is good for you in a plethora of ways—it can decrease your risk of disease, improve your immune system, increase your energy levels and even affect your sleeping habits. But did you know certain foods can improve the way you look, too? Read on to find out which nutrients will give your hair and nails extra luster, strength and shine.

Biotin/Vitamin H
nannasBiotin (a.k.a. vitamin H) can improve hair that is splitting or thinning as well as strengthen weakened nails. Taken with zinc and the corticosteroid clobetasol propionate, biotin has even been used to treat alopecia, an autoimmune skin disease marked by the loss of hair. Nina DiBona, RD, dietitian and nutritionist at the Sports Club/LA in Boston, agrees. “A deficiency in biotin may result in brittle hair or even hair loss.” An easy way to remember: The H in vitamin H stands for “haar and haut,” which means “hair and nails” in German, DiBona notes.
Foods to Try: Bananas, beans, cauliflower, eggs, lentils, peanuts and salmon. Photo: Shutterstock

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

To get shinier hair, introduce more omega-3s into your diet, which “help support scalp health and may give your locks extra luster and shine,” according to DiBona. The three active ingredients—alpha-linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid—are all essential fatty acids and “are important components of the stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of the epidermis that contains keratin and has water-holding capabilities. Deficiency in essential fatty acids can result in dry scalp or dandruff,” she says.
Foods to Try: Eggs, flaxseed, fish oil, mackerel, salmon, sardines, spinach, tuna and walnuts. Photo: Shutterstock